Fluid Handling

RO-QUIP carries several product lines of oil containers, lids, nozzles, pumps, etc. from leading brands such as Oil Safe, Trico Spectrum and Des-Case IsoLink.

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Oil Handling Containers, Lids & Pumps

Oil Safe

The Oil Safe drums are made of Ultra High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and so are immensely impact resistant. They come in sizes from 1.5 litres/quart all the way up to 10 litres.

The Oil Safe product line includes various lids, spouts and pumps for the containers for storage, pouring, etc ...

Trico Spectrum

The Spectrum Oil Container has handles at both the front and back for stable handling. The semi-transparent material features graduated markings makes for easy reading of fluid level.

Use the Spectrum utility or storage lids in colour-combinations with the vents for lubricant identification ...

Label & Colour-Coding Kits

Labels, Holders & Leashes

Label Safe
Adhesive & Paper
Contents Labels

The Label Safe product line includes both adhesive and paper contents labels that are resistant to water as well as tearing. They allow for accurate colour coding and identification of lubricants and equipment ...

Label Safe
Label Pockets,
Frames & Leashes

Adhesive labels used directly on containers and equipment are often difficult to remove, and they are more prone to wear and tear.

Often the better and durable solution is to use Labels Safe Label Pockets and Frames connected with Leashes which also accommodate easy replacement of labels ...

Custom Tags

Implement a colour-coding scheme using the Spectrum Tags, which are easy to use for marking all points and objects of your workflows, such as containers for storage and transport, pumps, transfer and filter carts ...

Custom Labels

Use the Spectrum Custom Label together with the Spectrum Custom Tags for identifying and colour-coding lubricants in your workflow from containers, over dispensers and tools to the fill points. ...

Fill Point ID & Colour Attachments

Oil Safe
Grease Fitting Protector

The Grease Fitting Protector prevents costly equipment failures due to contamination and misapplication. It seals fittings against direct contamination and offers ...

Oil Safe
Fill Point ID Tab

Combine the Label Safe ID Tab with the Oil Safe Fill Point ID Washer and a 1.27-cm / 0.5-inch label to colour-code fill points as well as provide lubricant information ...

Oil Safe
Fill Point ID Washer

Use the Oil Safe Fill Point ID Washer by itself for simple colour-coding or combine it with other Label Safe components to provide more detailed information at the fill points ...

Oil Safe
ID Washer Label Clamp

Attach the Label Safe Label Clamp to the Fill Point ID Washer to add identification information to fill points, auto-lubricators, air breathers, etc. ...

Oil Safe
Swivel for ID Tab

Pair the Swivel Joint with a colour-coded Oil Safe Fill Point ID Washer of any size as well as an Fill Point ID Tab, thus adding colour-coding and labelling to a fill point ...

Oil Safe
Swivel for Pocket Frame

Use the Swivel Joint together with a colour-coded Oil Safe Fill Point ID Washer of any size as well as a Label Safe Pocket Frame, thus adding colour-coding and labels to fill points. ...

Grease Fitting Cap

Use the Colour-Coded Grease Fitting Caps at the lubrication points in combination with same coloured Spectrum Colour-Coded Grease Gun Bands as a simple but effective ...

Grease Fitting Washer

Used with same coloured Spectrum Colour-Coded Grease Gun Bands, the washers go a long way in protecting your machinery from wrong applicaitons of lubricants at the fill points ...

Colour-Coded Bands & Collars

Opto-Matic Oiler Collars

Include the colour-coded Opto-Matic oiler collars from Trico in your lubrication scheme along with colour-coding of containers, dispensers, tools and fill points, ensuring the correct lubricant...

Grease Gun Bands

Avoid costly downtime resulting from applying the wrong grease to your machinery – use the Colour-Coded Grease Gun Bands from Trico to indicate the grease inside the gun ...