Consultancy Services

RO-QUIP has established itself as a professional company with extensive hands-on experience of assessing and addressing contamination & reliability issues, creating win-win solutions for our clients with an environmental conscience.

We draw upon some of the world’s leading manufacturers, partners for their products, solutions and training to deliver practical recommendations quickly and effectively.

We pride ourselves on delivering consultancy services that are professional, of the highest standard and respecting the environment to create the best value for your company. See our case project example on the Singapore Tuas Mega-Port Terminal phase 1 below.

Case Example

Solving High Contamination Issues on the World’s largest Grab Dredger

Solving high contamination issues on the World’s largest Grab Dredger (according to 'Guinness Book of World Records'). The hydraulically actuated Grab bucket drops 30 meter every three minutes to return 170 m3 of rock and sand to a barge for re-use in the filling of the hollow Caissons. No problem for RO-QUIP and our partners.