Installation & Commissioning Service

Many of the products offered by RO-QUIP require installation and integration with machinery & their respective system processes. Thus, it is important to get professional, technical support. RO-QUIP provides a range of such onsite services:

  • Installation or pre-commissioning within the clients health, safety and any other compliance rules.
  • Quality workmanship
  • Initial introductory training for operators and technicians as appropriate
  • Commissioning to ensure correct product integration and start-up without any negative impacts on production
  • Strong product knowledge to address any unforeseen problems in a timely manner
  • Provide Operating and Maintenance advice with respect to contamination control and reliability along with detailed instructions and documentation.

With restricted site visits as well as limitations in staff and contractor availability, efficiency and effectiveness are paramount.

You can count on RO-QUIP as a reliable and experienced partner. We quickly identify your unresolved issues or provide advice on getting the most from your machinery. We focus on performance and reliability in fluid handling, lubrication and contamination control.

Case Example

Fitting All Electric Motors in Power Plant with Automatic Lubricators

The power plant required all their electric motor drives to be converted from manual greasing to automatic single point lubricators. This included the tougher challenge of applications on a mobile Siwertell Coal Ship Unloader some 30m from the ground.

This project was to upgrade from manual greasing to automatic greasing lubrication of the ship unloader's electric motor drive bearings and thus:

  • Minimising operational risks, health and safety issues
  • Providing a more consistent and reliable greasing maintenance schedule and
  • Improved reliability of the drives and unloading process.