Spectrum Tag

spectrum tag trico photo

Implement a colour-coding scheme using the Spectrum Tags, which are easy to use for marking all points and objects of your workflows, such as containers for storage and transport, pumps, transfer and filter carts, dispensing equipment, tools and lubrication points.

Write information directly on the Spectrum Tag with any crayon or marker or use the Spectrum Custom Label and seal the information under the durable tag's laminate sheet, protecting it from wear, water and smearing.

Product Details

Fabricated in durable 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) UV inhibited plastic with a tough transparent laminate, the Spectrum Tags withstand water, oils, corrosive fluids as well as general abrasion
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
The tags are available in 10 standard colours
Use the tags with all types of containers, tools, machinery and fill points
Use the tag with a Spectrum Custom Label with four lines of information, one of which can be a barcode
Model Number Colourr
37075 Red
37076 Orange
37077 Yellow
37078 Green
37079 Blue
37080 Purple
37081 Dark Green
37082 Tan
37083 Gray
37084 Black