Color-Coded Grease Gun Bands

color coded grease gun bands trico photo

Avoid costly downtime resulting from applying the wrong grease to your machinery – use the Colour-Coded Grease Gun Bands from Trico to indicate the grease inside the gun.

The Grease Gun Bands from Trico are available in seven colours (see below under "Colour Options"), which are also available for the Grease Fitting Caps and Washers, ensuring you always apply the right lubricant to a fill point.

Product Details

The Color-Coded Grease Gun Bands fit a standard sized grease gun, and they remain firmly in place once installed.

The best colour-coding strategy includes not just bands for the grease guns but using the same colours for the grease containers as well as lubrication points.

Model Material Color
37036 Buna-N Yellow
37037 Buna-N Green
37038 Buna-N Red
37039 Buna-N Blue
37044 Buna-N Purple
37056 Buna-N Orange
37126 Buna-N Black