Riverhawk Radial Fit Bolt – Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts

radial fit bolt – hydraulically fitted coupling bolts riverhawk photo

The old-style, traditional coupling bolts were not easy to install and often created various problems, such as damages to the bolt and hole due to the tight tolerance fit insertion into the bolt hole. This, furthermore, could produce galling of both parts, making removal difficult, which again meant expensive downtime.

In contrast, Riverhawk's Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts is efficient, dependable, and a pleasure to work with. The toolset features a tapered bolt with a tapered sleeve as well as two cylindrical nuts, and it is reusable.

Benefits & Features

Simple and fast installation and setup
Less expensive downtime
Perfect for retrofits
Bolts are reusable
Fabricated in stronger materials
A single person can handle installation & removal
Establishes concentricity by precise fit
Completely fills the bolt hole, thus avoiding slippage and pinching from poor fits
Precision machining featuring exclusive triple lead puller as well as tensioner threads
Allows hydraulically assisted removal when necessary
No sleeve imprint
Increased load carry capacity
Outer sleeves can be replaced