Trico Opto Laser Level

opto matic oilers laser level trico

Use the Trico's Opto Laser Level for quick and trouble-free installation of the Opto-Matic Constant Level Oiler. The laser level provides user-friendly, convenient and precise set-up as well as maintenance of Opto-Matic Oiler equipment.

With reduced downtime and less worry, the Opto Laser level is a vital tool for any maintenance department – it will have a definite and positive impact on your company's lubrication program.

Product Details

Property Value
Laser Class> IIIA Laser Beam
Material Aluminium Die Cast
Component Stainless Steel
Finish Coated in Powder
Battery Type CR123
Reusable: Multiple Opto-Matic oilers may be installed with the same Opto Laser Level
Lightweight: The unit fits inside your hand and Weighs only 0.55 lbs / 0.25 kg, making it ideal for the hard to reach areas
Easy to Read: Features laser level alignment and visual level indicators for precise installations
Portable: The Opto Laser level includes a hard case with handle that is water-tight and foamed-lined, ensuring safe storage as well as convenience during transport