Oil Safe® Mini Spout Lid

oil safe mini spout lid photo

Use the Oil Safe Mini Spout Lid for lubrication jobs involving smaller filler holes e.g. machine tools or constant level oilers. The outlet diameter of the spout is 7 mm / 0.25 inch.

Product Details

Dimensions: Width - 147 mm / 5.80 in
Length - 320 mm / 12.60 in
Height - 192 mm / 7.60 in
Weight: 400 g / 14 oz
Material: Ultra High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
It is chemically resistant plastic. However, avoid contact with strong oxidising acids, such as hydrogen peroxide, ozone and halogen.
Note: The container is not suitable for fuels and solvents.
Service Temperature: -40°C to 80°C / -40°F to 176°F
Additives: UV Stabiliser
Anti Static Additive
Sealing Components: Nitrile O Ring (Buna N)

    Light Green
    Dark Green

Mini Spout Lid Kit

Contains an extra set of the black spout components of the Oil Safe Mini Spout Lid:

  • Mini Spout Shroud
  • Mini Spout Valve Inner with two Nitrile O'Rings

The twist top spout on Oil Safe lids ensures a secure sealing of the drums and facilitates easy positioning of the lid for pouring, avoiding accidental spills.