Trico Spectrum Oil Container

oil container spectrum trico photo

Trico has designed the Spectrum Oil Container with many practical features:

Container sizes available from 1 to 4 gallons / 4 to 15 litres
Wide opening to ensure rapid filling and no spills
Semi-transparent material with graduated markings (both English and metric measures) at the side of the container for easy reading of fluid level
Handles at both front and back for controlled and easy pouring
Contour grips in the handles for secure and stable hold
Square design provides stability when using a hand pump
Writable content label for easy identification of the lubricant

Product Details

Model Number Size of Container
34459 1 gallon / 4 liter
34460 2 gallons / 8 liter
34461 3 gallons / 11 liter
34462 4 gallons / 15 liter

The oil container is an integral part of the Spectrum oil handling product line, a top-grade solution for lubricant identification, storage, transport and dispensing, which both eliminates errors in the oil handling and is easy to use.

The part of the lubrication supply chain involving transport of the lubricants between bulk storage and the top-off points is the most vulnerable according to industry experts.

Using the Spectrum product line for oil handling ensures that your lubricants are kept free of moisture, dust – any contaminants harmful to the machinery.

  • The Square design ensures stability when using the hand pump
  • The on/off breather vent is available in the Spectrum colours (see the separate tab for a list)
  • Up to 100 colour options are possible by combining lid and vent colours
  • The ergonomically contoured container fits the forearm for easy handling

Spectrum Nozzle Lid

All Spectrum Oil Container lids can be used with any Spectrum Oil Container. They are available in several sizes:

  • 1 inch / 2.54 cm
  • 0.5 inch / 1.27 cm
  • 0.25 inch / 0.635 cm

Spectrum Breather Vent

The breather vent offers hands-free, no thump strain control with its easy twist open-close operation.

All Spectrum Oil containers come with a black breather vent as standard, but all 10 Spectrum colours are available.

Spectrum Hand Pump

The hand pump certainly comes in handy when topping-off oil in gearboxes, milling machines, lathes and other applications that are hard to reach. . Supplied with outlet hose and anti-drip nozzle.

Attach the Hand Pump to a Pump Storage Lid and use it with a 2, 3, or 4-gallon container.

Spectrum Pump Storage Lid

The Pump Storage Lid from Trico is particularly well-suited for rapid pouring of oil into large engine blocks, crankcases, etc.

Use the Trico Spectrum Hand Pump together with the lid when transferring oil from the 2, 3 and 4-gallon containers.