Trico Spectrum Nozzle Lid

oil container nozzle lid spectrum trico photo

Trico designed the Spectrum Nozzle Lid with features that cater to the frequent use:

  • Easy-twist open and close nozzles
  • The nozzle on each lid contains textured areas that provide a comfortable slip-resistant grip

Use the Spectrum Nozzle lid with any Spectrum Oil Container.

Product Details

1 Inch / 2.54 cm Nozzle

Use this size when topping-off engines, crankcases, and other areas that require higher flow.

0.5 Inch / 1,27 cm Nozzle

The right size for oils with viscosities up to ISO 460 or when you require precise pouring.

0.25 Inch / 0,635 cm Nozzle

For controlled pouring into small reservoirs or filler holes.