Des-Case IsoLogic™ Breathers

desiccant breathers isologic des case

Implementing the IsoLogic Sensor Technology will significantly benefit any equipment reliability program by the detection and recording of spikes in humidity and water ingress. Maintain operational efficiency with less downtime and the subsequent loss of income by upgrading your installation with these superior breathers.

As opposed to all other breathers in the market, the IsoLogic breather does not depend on a change of colour in the desiccant beads to determine the correct time for replacement.

The IsoLogic breathers are ideal for installation in remote and hard-to-access places, eliminating possible injuries as well as reducing time spent on required and regular monitoring of ordinary breathers.

The web platform allows easy monitoring of status and trends from literally anywhere, being it in the office, at home, or even on a plane.

Specs / Model DC-IL-VG-1 DC-IL-VG-4
Unit Height 5.31 in / 134.9 mm 10.125 in / 257.2 mm
Unit Diameter 2.52 in / 64.01 mm 4 in / 101.6 mm
Connection Size 3/8 inch Multi-fit (NPT, BSPP & BSPT) 1 inch Multi-Fit (NPT, BSPT & NPSM)
Silica Gel Amount 0.28 lbs / 0.127 kg 1.88 lbs / 0.85 kg
Adsorption Capacity 1.68 fl oz / 49.7 ml 11.3 fl oz / 353 ml
Max. Flow Rate @ 1 psid 1.45 cfm 2.98 cfm
41 lmp 84 lpm
Filter Efficiency 3µ abs. (β₃≥200) 3µ abs. (β₃≥200)
Operational Temp. Range -4°F to 129°F -4°F to 129°F
-20°C to 54°C -20°C to 54°C

Sensors & Connectivity

  • View breather status as well as trend data using the web platform anywhere, at anytime
  • Detection and recording of spikes in humidity and water ingress
  • Sensors in the breather provide a digital and precise reading of the remaining breather life, temperature as well as saturation direction
  • Reduce scheduled, time-consuming lubrication routes through the usage of RFID and Bluetooth technology for a combined data collection on multiple breathers by syncing them with the IsoLogic app
  • Eliminate the risk of workplace injuries when monitoring breathers installed in remote or hard-to-access places

Desiccant Breather

  • Removes moisture in equipment headspace
  • Minimizes wear and tear on equipment, extending the lifespan
  • Stops ingress of contamination
  • Eliminates condensation that forms rust
  • Prevents deposit of sludge as well as water-contaminated oil
  • Extends the lifespan of lubricants

Module Materials & Comp.

Casing in polycarbonate & Steel (ball plunger)

Cap in thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) & Steel (screws)

Circuit board with LED lights & FR4 Fiberglass

1.5V alkaline AAA batteries (Manganese Dioxide, Zinc, Potassium Hydroxide, Graphite)

Module Battery and Power

3 AAA Batteries (each rated 1.5 V, d.c., Max 1200 mAh)

Voltage: 4.5 V d.c.

Current: 30 mA (operational)

Expected Lifespan: 2 years (depending on use & temp.)

Module Environment

For indoor as well as outdoor use

Altitude <= 16,400 ft / 5,000 m

Max. Relative Humidity is 100% @ up to 129°F / 54˚C

Dustproof & Waterproof (IP66)

Not rated for hazardous locations

FCC, CE, Reach & RoHS

Wireless Syncing

2402.0 to 2480.0 MHz Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy

13.56 to 13.56 MHz RFID

Communications Range: 100 ft / 30 m (line of sight)

Device Compatibility


Bluetooth 4.0 or higher

Android OS 5.0 or higher


iOS 10.0 or higher

Data Storage

Data readings every hour

Stores a year of hourly data points

Model No. / Specs Max. Airflow @ 1 PSID Gearbox / Storage Tank Hydraulic Reservoir
DC-IL-VG-1 1.45 cfm 35 gal 5 gal
41.06 lpm 132 l 19 l
DC-IL-VG-4 1.8 cfm 500 gal 200 gal
50.9 lpm 1893 l 757 l
Part No. Description
DC-10-S 1 inch FNPT x 1 inch Slip Fit Adapter
DC-10 1 inch Threaded Adapter
DC-10-T 1 inch Male Threaded x 1 inch Female Threaded Adapter
DC-17 Bell Reducer 1 inch to 3/4 inch - Slip Fit
DC-17-T 1 inch - 3/4 inch Female to Male Threaded Adapter
DC-18 1 inch - 1/4 inch Brass, Threaded Reducer/Adapter
DC-12-T Threaded Flange Adapter
DC-12-TG Threaded Flange Adapter with Gasket
DC-15-T Bayonet Adapter
DC-SDVA-12M 3/4 inch NPT Vent Valve Adapter for Standard and VentGuard Breathers
DC-SDVA-16M 1 inch NPT Vent Valve Adapter for Standard and VentGuard Breathers