Riverhawk Hydraulic Rod Tensioning System
for High Temperature

hydraulic rod tensioning system riverhawk photo

The innovative and groundbreaking design of Riverhawks Hydraulic Rod Tensioning System for High Temperature finally allows full freedom in design and application with no need to worry about torque friction and temperature limiting coatings, lubricants or seals.

Riwerhawk has delivered on their aim of creating a hydraulic rod tensioning system that can be retrofitted to existing studs while at the same time allowing high-temperature applications. The tensioner utilizes the outside diameter as a direct gripping surface and thus no longer depends on special features of the stud.

Benefits & Features

Tolerates high operational temperatures
Easy to retrofit
Allows simultaneous tensioning
Capacity for high loads
Minimal footprint required
There is no need for stud extension
Hydraulics is separate from the nut

The Riverhawk Hydraulic Tensioning System for high-temperature nut and bolt applications also features a high load capacity, which the system achieves through placement of the hydraulic cylinder above the stud and nut, thereby expanding the hydraulic working area.