Grease Meter

grease meter trico photo

Use The Trico Grease Meter to apply just the right amount of grease to equipment bearings per the manufacturer's instructions, thus extending bearing life and avoiding costly breakdowns and downtime. When dispensing grease manually without a meter, typically too little or too much grease is applied.

The grease meter displays the exact amount of grease dispensed on the digital screen, which can easily be reset to zero by a button for the next operation. The display is easily set to use the measuring unit of your preference: Ounces, fluid ounces, cubic centimetres or grams.

Product Details

Housing Material Anodized Aluminum
Seals Buna-N
Working Pressure 10,000 psi
Flow Max 1000 cubic centimeters per min
Grease Type Grease up to NLGI 2
  • The grease meter can be used with any grease gun
  • The digital screen displays grease dispensed in the unit of your preference: Ounces, fluid ounces, cubic centimeters or grams
  • The meter can be calibrated
  • Built-in light for dark environments