Trico Streamliner DC Grease Dispenser

grease dispenser streamliner dc trico photo

With the Streamliner DC automatic single-point grease lubricator, maintenance professionals are able to keep equipment lubricated timely and correctly. The basis of the Streamliner DC lubricator's solid reliability is the cutting-edge, adjustable gas generating power source. It produces gas that creates a consistent pressure on the piston, which gradually and continuously dispenses the lubricant contained in the chamber.

Set the delivery time with a simple turn of the Allen key on top of the unit. The dispensing time of the Streamliner DC unit can be set between one and twelve months, thus allowing complete control over the amount of lubricant applied. Check the rate of delivery with a single glance at the transparent housing.

The light-weight and compact design of the Streamliner DC allows for installation in almost any place and any position, even underwater.

Product Details

Model No.DescriptionGrease CapacityGrease TypeNLGI#Thickener Type
33902Streamliner DC30 cc / 1 ozMobilgrease XHP 2222Lithium Complex
33903Streamliner DC30 cc / 1 ozExxon Unirex EP 22Lithium Complex
33904Streamliner DC30 cc / 1 ozMobilith SHC 1002Lithium Complex
33905Streamliner DC30 cc / 1 ozMobilgrease FM 2222Aluminum Complex
33906Streamliner DC30 cc / 1 ozMobilith SHC 2202Lithium Complex
33907Streamliner DC30 cc / 1 ozMobilith SHC PM 4601.5Lithium Complex
33908Streamliner DC30 cc / 1 ozMobil Polyrex EM2Polyurea
33922Streamliner DC60 cc / 2 ozMobilgrease XHP 2222Lithium Grease
33923Streamliner DC60 cc / 2 ozExxon Unirex EP 22Lithium Complex
33924Streamliner DC60 cc / 2 ozMobilith SHC 1002Lithium Complex
33925Streamliner DC60 cc / 2 ozMobilgrease FM 2222Aluminum Complex
33926Streamliner DC60 cc / 2 ozMobilith SHC 2202Lithium Complex
33927Streamliner DC60 cc / 2 ozMobilith SHC PM 4601.5Lithium Complex
33928Streamliner DC60 cc / 2 ozMobil Polyrex EM2Polyurea
33942Streamliner DC125 cc / 4 ozMobilgrease XHP 2222Lithium Complex
33943Streamliner DC125 cc / 4 ozExxon Unirex EP 22Lithium Complex
33944Streamliner DC125 cc / 4 ozMobilith SHC 1002Lithium Complex
33945Streamliner DC125 cc / 4 ozMobilgrease FM 2222Aluminum Complex
33946Streamliner DC125 cc / 4 ozMobilith SHC 2202Lithium Complex
33947Streamliner DC125 cc / 4 ozMobilith SHC PM 4601.5Lithium Complex
33948Streamliner DC125 cc / 4 ozMobil Polyrex EM2Polyurea


  • Easy to install and put into operation
  • Powered by a patented gas-generating, dry cell
  • Set the delivery time from 1 to 12 months to reduces inventory costs, i.e. fewer units need be available
  • Quickly check the lubricant level in the transparent chamber
  • Sealed point of contact prevents contamination with dirt and water – submersible in any direction
  • Easy adjustment of dispensing rate during operation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be temporarily deactivated
  • Custom filling with grease or oil is available
  • Intrinsically safe – II IG Ex ia IIC T6, II 1D Ex Ia D 20T 80C, and I M1 Ex ia I
  • Ingress Protection – IP68 (dustproof and waterproof)
Grease Capacity 30, 60, or 125 cc
Power Generation Hydrogen Gas Producing Dry Cells
Working Pressure Maximum 72 PSI (5 bar)
Dispensing Quantity 0.08 – 8.3 cc/day
Operating Temperature -4ºF to 131ºF (-20ºC to 55ºC)
Six Standard Greases Mobilgrease XHP 222
Exxon Unirex EP2
Mobil SHC 100
Mobilgrease FM 222
Mobilith SHC 220
Mobilith SHC PM 460
Thread Size 1/4″ NPT