Trico Streamliner GL-P Grease Dispenser

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The Streamliner GL-P unit dispenses grease using a spring mechanism for controlled and automatic delivery of lubricant, eliminating reliance on manual lubrication and thus extending bearing life. The transparent, polycarbonate reservoir of the Streamliner GL-P unit allows for easy reading of the grease level.

The sturdy base made of anodized aluminium works well for demanding applications, and the standard zerk fitting makes refilling of greasy unproblematic. The Streamliner GL-P product includes springs of light, medium and heavy strength to facilitate the needed delivery rate.

Product Details


Model No. Description NPT Capacity Spring Force Dim A
33301 GL-P Grease Dispenser 1/8 Light, medium & heavy 11.5cm / 4-1/2"
33302 GL-P Grease Dispenser 1/4 Light, medium & heavy 11.63cm / 4-5/8"
33303 GL-P Grease Dispenser 3/8 Light, medium & heavy 11.63cm / 4-5/8"
33304 GL-P Grease Dispenser 1/2 Light, medium & heavy 11.75cm / 4-3/4"


  • Anodized aluminum base prevents corrosion and is well-suited for high vibration applications
  • Transparent, polycarbonate reservoir allows easy reading of grease level
  • Each unit comes with three different spring sizes for delivery rate adjustment
  • Mount in any position
  • Grease refill through the zerk fitting


Maximum Operational Temp. 100ºC / 212ºF
Spring Force Light: 0.35 kg/cm2 / 5 psi
Medium: 0.7 kg/cm2 / 10 psi
Heavy: 1.05 kg/cm2 / 15 psi
All included with each model
Grease Capacity Maximum 72 PSI (5 bar)
Dispensing Quantity 71 cc / 2-1/2 oz
Suitable Greases NLGI 0 – NLGI 3