RO-QUIP Ezi Grease Dispenser

grease dispenser ro quip ezi photo

The RO-QUIP Ezi dispenser is designed to offer superior advantages in cost competitiveness and user-friendliness over conventional gas type SPL units. The dispenser's creative and innovative design caters to a broad range of industrial applications.

The systematic use of electrolysis and electrical energy for the generation of inert nitrogen (N2) is a proven technology which forms the basis of the RO-QUIP Ezi's operation.

The dispenser utilizes an intuitive mode selection mechanism to ensure an error-free and simple operation. This product is the right choice for a cost-effective, reliable, and safe SPL product for most industrial applications.

Product Details

Grease Pouch Capacity 60ml/120ml/240ml (disposable)
Gas Type Electrochemical reaction
(Nitrogen gas)
Operating Pressure Max. 5bar (73psi)
Operating Temperature -20˚C~55˚C (-4˚F~131˚F)
Dispensing Periods 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 month
Remote Installation Max. 1m (3.3ft) with O.D. Ø8 tube
Multi-Point Installation N/A
Packaging 10 Units/Case
IP Code IP68
Product Certifications IECEx, ATEX, KCs, UL, CE, MSHA
IP Code IP68
ATEX Ⅱ 1 G / ia ⅡC T4 Ga
UL Cl.Ⅰ, Div. 1, Gps A, B, C, D
Cl. II, Div. 1 ,Gps E, F ,G
KCs ia ⅡC T4
MSHA Approval No. 18-A180003-0
CE / Etc. CE 0344