Trico Distribution Block for Grease Dispenser

grease dispenser distribution block trico photo

The Distribution Block, when used together with a single Streamliner M, Streamliner M 500cc or Streamliner Mi unit, can service up to eight lubrication points. The distribution block may also be purchased as a kit that includes mounting bracket and screws, adapters, connectors, as well as tubing.

Product Details

Model No.DescriptionNo. of OutletsInstallation Kit
33512Distribution Block2No
33513Distribution Block3No
33514Distribution Block4No
33515Distribution Block5No
33516Distribution Block6No
35517Distribution Block7No
33518Distribution Block8No
33522-KitDistribution Block Installation Kit2Yes
33523-KitDistribution Block Installation Kit3Yes
33524-KitDistribution Block Installation Kit4Yes
33525-KitDistribution Block Installation Kit5Yes
33526-KitDistribution Block Installation Kit6Yes
33527-KitDistribution Block Installation Kit7Yes
33528-KitDistribution Block Installation Kit8Yes

  • Provides simultaneous lubrication for 2 – 8 points
  • The distribution block is purchased separately or as part of a kit that includes mounting bracket, adapters, connectors, tubing as well as mounting screws