Des-Case HydroGuard® Desiccant Breathers

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Des-Case designed the HydroGuard Breather with the capability to obtain as close to a sealed system as possible. The HydroGuard unit combines the time-proven internal check-valves with an expansion chamber to maintain system isolation.

Use the HydroGuard Breather for steady-state installations with minimal fluctuations in temperature to take advantage of protection and reliability this unit affords.

Product Details

Specs/Model DC-HG-1 DC-HG-8
Unit Height 7.22 in 9.75 in
183 mm 247.66 mm
Unit Diameter 2.52 in 4.1 in
64 mm 104.1 mm
Connection Size 3/8 inch Multi-Fit
1 inch Multi-Fit
Silica Gel Amount 0.28 lbs 0.65 lbs
0.125 kg 0.24 kg
Adsorption Capacity 1.68 fl oz 4.05 fl oz
49.6 ml 120 ml
Max. Flow Rate @ 1 psid 1.41 cfm 2.5 cfm
39.93 lpm 70.5 lpm
Filter Efficiency 3µ abs. (β₃≥200) 3µ abs. (β₃≥200)
Operational Temp. Range -20°F to 200°F -20°F to 200°F
-29°C to 93°C -29°C to 93°C
Removes moisture in equipment headspace
Minimizes wear and tear on equipment, extending the lifespan
Stops ingress of contamination
Eliminates condensation that forms rust
Prevents deposit of sludge as well as water-contaminated oil
Extends the lifespan of lubricants
Model No. Max. Airflow @ 1 PSID Gearbox/Storage Tank Hydraulic Reservoir
DC-HG-1 1.41 cfm 50 gal N/A
39.93 lpm 189 liter N/A
DC-HG-8 2.5 cfm 400 gal 55 gal
70.5 lpm 1514 liter 208 liter


Please Note: The above sizing table is only a general guideline. Many other factors such as humidity level, the frequency of airflow, ambient temperatures and chemical compatibility must be considered to determine the size of a breather accurately. Larger applications, as well as special or unusual circumstances, will in many cases require a thorough analysis. Please contact RO-QUIP for help in determining the proper size a breather.



  • Steady-State Operations
  • Gearboxes
  • High Humidity
  • Washdowns
  • Low Flow Applications

Colour-Indicating Silica

When the silica turns pink, it is time to replace the unit.

Multiple 3-micron polyester filter elements retain solid particulate when wet, contaminated air moves through the breather unit. At the same time, the blue coloured silica extracts moisture. Finally, the top foam pad absorbs oil mist, preventing it com getting in contact with the silica or entering the atmosphere.

An essential part of the HydroGuard Breather is the diaphragm that adjusts to air expanion & contraction within the casing. during steady-state operations.

Part No. Description
DC-10-S 1 inch FNPT x 1 inch Slip-Fit Adapter
DC-10 1 inch Threaded Adapter
DC-10-T 1 inch Male Threaded x 1 inch Female Threaded Adapter
DC-12-S Field Flange Adapter-Slip Fit (only DC-HG-8)
DC-17 Bell Reducer 1 inch to 3/4 inch - Slip-Fit
DC-17-T 1 inch - 3/4 inch Female to Male Threaded Adapter
DC-18 1 inch - 1/4 inch Brass, Threaded Reducer or Adapter
DC-12-T Threaded Flange Adapter
DC-12-TG Threaded Flange Adapter with Gasket
DC-15-T Bayonet Adapter