Des-Case Extended Series Desiccant Breathers

desiccant breathers extended series desc case photo

Des-Case built the Extended Series Breather in the time-proven design and materials of the Standard Series Breather but with the added benefit of the check-valves from the VentGuard and HydroGuard Breather.

The Extended Series Breather furthermore includes a new oil mist reducing feature as well as a higher airflow and more than double the amount of desiccant. This long-lasting breather is the perfect choice for tank farms as well as large or remote applications.

Product Details

Specs / Model DC-EX-1 DC-EX-2 DC-EX-3 DC-EX-4
Unit Height 4.7 inch 6.4 inch 8.3 inch 10 inch
119 mm 163 mm 208 mm 254 mm
Unit Diameter 5.66 inch 5.66 inch 5.66 inch 5.66 inch
143.88 mm 143.88 mm 143.88 mm 143.88 mm
Connection Size 1" FNPT 1" FNPT 1" FNPT 1" FNPT
Silica Gel (lbs / kg) 1.2 lbs 2.2 lbs 3.2 lbs 4.2 lbs
0.54 kg 1.0 kg 1.45 kg 1.91 kg
Adsorption Capacity 7.7 fl oz 14.1 fl oz 20.5 fl oz 27.0 fl oz
228 ml 417 ml 606 ml 798 ml
Max. Flow Rate 27 cfm @ 1 psid 26 cfm @ 1 psid 25 cfm @ 1 psid 24 cfm @ 1 psid
765 lpm 736 lpm 708 lpm 680 lpm
Filter Efficiency 3µ abs. (β₃≥200) 3µ abs. (β₃≥200) 3µ abs. (β₃≥200) 3µ abs. (β₃≥200)
Operational Temp. Range -20°F to 200°F -20°F to 200°F -20°F to 200°F -20°F to 200°F
-29°C to 93°C -29°C to 93°C -29°C to 93°C -29°C to 93°C
Removes moisture in equipment headspace
Minimizes wear and tear on equipment, extending the lifespan
Stops ingress of contamination
Eliminates condensation that forms rust
Prevents deposit of sludge as well as water-contaminated oil
Extends the lifespan of lubricants
Model Max. Airflow @ 1 PSID Gearbox / Storage Tank Hydraulic Reservoir
DC-EX-1 27 cfm 400 gal 100 gal
765 lpm 1514 l 379 l
DC-EX-2 26 cfm 600 gal 200 gal
736 lpm 2271 l 757 l
DC-EX-3 25 cfm 800 gal 300 gal
708 lpm 3028 l 1136 l
DC-EX-4 24 cfm 1000 gal 400 gal
680 lpm 3785 l 1514 l
Recomm. Max. Vol. Recomm. Max. Vol.

Colour-Indicating Silica

When the silica turns pink, it is time to replace the unit.

Multiple 3-micron polyester filter elements retain solid particulate when wet, contaminated air moves through the breather unit. At the same time, the blue coloured silica extracts moisture. Finally, the top foam pad absorbs oil mist, preventing it com getting in contact with the silica or entering the atmosphere.

The unit furthermore features a durable nylon standpipe and oil mist reducer in polypropylene, allowing oil mist to coalesce and be led back into the reservoir, thus preventing contamination of the desiccant.

Six umbrella check-valves of high-quality located below the unit isolates the equipment from the general environment, guarantees a long lifespan of the breather unit and protects the system's integrity.

Part No. Description
DC-EXVA-12M 3/4 inch MNPT Vent Valve Adapter in steel
DC-EXVA-16M 1 inch MNPT Vent Valve Adapter in steel
DC-EXA-10 1 inch MNPT Adapter in threaded steel
DC-EXA-17 3/4 inch MNPT Adapter in threaded steel