Spectrum Color-Coded Grease Fitting Caps

color coded grease fitting caps trico photo

Use the Colour-Coded Grease Fitting Caps at the lubrication points in combination with same coloured Grease Gun Bands as a simple but effective colour scheme for lubricating your equipment.

Implement the right lubrication strategy and thereby avoid costly bearing failure and subsequent downtime.

Product Details

Model Colour Cap Fitting Size
37020 Yellow 1/4-28
37021 Green 1/4-28
37022 Red 1/4-28
37023 Blue 1/4-28
37024 Yellow 1/8 NPT
37025 Green 1/8 NPT
37026 Red 1/8 NPT
37027 Blue 1/8 NPT
37040 Purple 1/4-28
37041 Purple 1/8 NPT
37057 Orange 1/4-28
37058 Orange 1/8 NPT

The colour-coded grease fitting caps seal out moisture and contamination by snapping tightly over the grease fittings. The retainer ring prevents the cap from getting lost when the lubrication point is serviced.

The fitting caps are available in two sizes that fit 1/8 NPT and 1/4-28 zerk fittings, respectively.

The caps are supplied in batches of 10 caps, all of the same colour.