Des-Case Non-Desiccant Breathers

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The Des-Case Non-Desiccant Breather is an excellent choice for low-humidity environments where the primary concern is elimination of contamination ingress. Additionally, these units are suitable for applications with water-based fluids, such as water glycol hydraulic fluid.

The Non-Desiccant breather keeps the reservoir isolated from free water as well as particles down to one micron.

Product Details

Specs/Model DC-ND-2 DC-ND-35
Unit Height 1.35 in 5 in
45.7 mm 127 mm
Connection Size 3/8 inch 1 inch Female (FNPT)
Max. Flow Rate @ 1 psid 0.67 cfm 40 cfm
19 lpm 1132 lpm
Filter Efficiency 0.3µ abs. (β₀.₃≥1000) 0.3µ abs. (β₀.₃≥1000)
Operational Temp. Range -40°F to 300°F -40°F to 300°F
-40°C to 149°C -40°C to 149°C
Model No. Max. Airflow @ 1 psid Gearbox/Storage Tank Hydraulic Reservoir
DC-ND-2 0.67 cfm 15 gal 15 gal
19 lpm 57 liter 57 liter
DC-ND-35 40 cfm Determine size by flow rate Determine size by flow rate
1132 lpm Determine size by flow rate Determine size by flow rate
Recom. Max. Vol. Recom. Max. Vol.


Please Note: The above sizing table is only a general guideline. Many other factors such as humidity level, the frequency of airflow, ambient temperatures and chemical compatibility must be considered to determine the size of a breather accurately. Larger applications, as well as special or unusual circumstances, will in many cases require a thorough analysis. Please contact RO-QUIP for help in determining the proper size a breather.



  • Low Humidity
  • Oil Misting
  • Arid Environments
  • High Dust
  • Water-Based Fluids
  • Oil Sight Glasses (DC-ND-2)
  • Small Gearboxes (DC-ND-2)

The hydrophobic media bars water from entering when air flows through the breather, whereas the pleated particulate filter retains dirt, so both elements are prevented access to the equipment.

Part No. Description
SB-VI 1 inch NPT Vacuum Indicator Adapter (ND-35)
Part No. Description
DC-RS-3-RK Kit for DC-RS-3
DC-RS-5-RK Kit for DC-RS-5
DC-RS-9-RK Kit for DC-RS-9
DC-RS-15-RK Kit for DC-RS-15
DC-RS-25-RK Kit for DC-RS-25
DC-RS-50-RK Kit for DC-RS-50
DC-RS-75-RK Kit for DC-RS-75
DC-RS-100-RK Kit for DC-RS-100
DC-RS-150-RK Kit for DC-RS-150
DC-RS-200-RK Kit for DC-RS-200