Trico Boiler Feed Pump Kit

boiler feed pomp kit

An essential feature of boiler feed pumps is the ability to "breathe," i.e. an equalising of pressure takes place when air expands or contracts caused by changes in temperature or during startup and shutdown. Particularly in hot, harsh and high-humidity environments, ingress of moisture and particulates is unavoidable due to the "breathing."

As a solution, we offer Trico's Boiler Feed Pump Kit, which consists of proven components, explicitly configured to keep the oil and air dry as well as clean inside boiler feed pumps.

Product Details

Model Number Boiler Feed Pump
40408 Kit with Closed System Oiler, Breather & Pressure Balancing Line
15-00325 Sump Bottle & Vall Valve – optional)
11146 1/2 inch NPT Ball Valve – optional)
Component Function
EX Desiccant Breather The breather features two check valves: One controls the airflow into the boiler feed pump and the other the outgoing airflow. The Watchdog EX Breather as part of this process removes water vapour and particulates, preventing contamination of the oil.
Opto-Matic 8 oz (240 cc) Closed System Oiler The Closed System Oiler replaces oil used or lost due to leaks
Pressure Balancing Line Ascertains equalization of the air pressure between the boiler feed pump housing and the oiler
Component Function
5 oz (150 cc) Sump Bottle and Ball Valve: The sump bottle ensures collection of water and particulates in the visible reservoir.
The ball valve makes visual inspection and removal of fluids a breeze.
Additional Ball Valve 1/2 inch NPT: May be used for shutting off oil to sump bottle from feed pump