RO-QUIP Bearing Oil Sight Glass (B.O.S)

bearing oil sight glass ro quip photo

Our Bearing Oil Sight Glass is suitable for installation where continual observation of oil condition is essential. It facilitates instant oil sampling and contamination check. The unit is simple to install and easy to clean by dismantling. No glue is used in the construction.

The oil sight glass furthermore features early warning of overheating. All in all, it reduces maintenance costs.

Product Details

  • Simple Installation
  • Quick & Easy Oil Sampling
  • Warns of Overheating Early on
  • Construction is without Glue
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Acrylic / Aluminium 316 S/S
  • Quickly Check for Oil Contamination
  • Observe Oil Condition with a Glance
  • Temp. Limit 220°F / 100°C
  • No Yellowing from Sunlight
  • Easy to Clean by Dismantling

Cover plates are available in Stainless Steel or other specified materials as required.