Automatic Electro-Mechanical Lubricators

automatic electro mechanical grease dispensers, group, photo

Electro-mechanical lubrication units are used when there is a need for precision delivery of grease to critical equipment. As Electro-mechanical grease dispensers operate with a higher pressure than electro-chemical units, they can service multiple lubrication points in a central type system through the usage of a distribution block.

Trico's electro-mechanical dispensers are refillable with grease cartridges with a volume of 125cc / 2oz, 250cc / 4oz and 500cc / 8oz. There is a choice of six standard greases for the cartridges that may be purchased as part of a "Service Pack", which also contains a battery pack and a dust cover.

See below for a detailed description of the units in Trico's line of electro-mechanical lubricators.

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